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This blog focuses on legal issues and questions that are commonly faced by non-lawyers. As with any other blog, the posts are geared toward opinion pieces. There will be mixed in legal facts, information, and maybe, at times, maybe some humor. The blog, also, supplements what Peerless Legal has to offer.

Even though the blog is part of Peerless Legal, the posts are entirely the opinions of the author or authors who drafted the posts. No blog post should be relied on for accuracy as they are not meant to be authoritative. If you need legal advice, you should seek a licensed attorney in your area that can meet your individual needs.

We do try to make all of the information as accurate as possible everything is reviewed, if not written entirely, by a licensed attorney. Since the target audience is generally non-lawyers, the use of cases and statute citations will be kept to a minimum or left out entirely. That does not mean there has not been legal research done on the topic, rather, that it has been left out of the final blog post. Let’s face it, most of us just want good information. A long string of case citations is not going to help a non-lawyer. When such authoritative is used, it will be because the case or citation is well known or is the focus of the blog entry.  

Why would you want to read this blog? Well, the simple reason is to find some information or an opinion about a topic that is being written about. There are many other reasons why you would want to read the blog, for example, if you like the writing style, if you want to see some sample writings before you buy something else on Peerless Legal, or maybe if you stumbled upon the blog looking for something else. Whatever your reason, we welcome you.

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This blog entry was written by Sanket Mistry.

Sanket Mistry, J.D., M.I.A.      Sanket Mistry is the founder and CEO of Peerless Legal and blogs regularly. He has written numerous books including, "25 Estate Planning Forms," "8 Living Trust Forms," "Simple Will Creator," "Give Through a Will & Living Trust," and "Guidance On Creating Your Own Will & Power of Attorney," and the bestselling books in the Legal Self-Help Guide series, "Will, Trust, & Power of Attorney Creator and Estate Records Organizer" and "Estate Planning in Plain-English." He earned his JD from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University and is a member of the New York State Bar. He has worked, and volunteered, at a number of nonprofits, government agencies, and for-profit corporations. He also holds a BA in philosophy from Emory University and a MIA from Columbia University. He is an avid traveler and tennis player.