List of Official DMV Website Links of the 50 State and Washington, D.C.

Most of us are not concerned with official government names and titles, and use the DMV name universally. States differ in what they call the agency that handles motor vehicle issues i.e., "DMV" or "Department of Motor Vehicles" is not always the namesake of the agency or division. Below are links to official State government agencies that handle motor vehicle issues. States differ as to which agency or department handles motor vehicle issues, and this list provides some insight into this non-conforming fact. All States, except Hawaii, handles motor vehicle issues at the State level; Hawaii handles issues at the City and County level. Click on the below links for more information.

State DMV Links


State Department That Handles Motor Vehicle Issues

Alabama   Alabama Department of Revenue
Alaska   Alaska Department of Administration
Arizona   Arizona Department of Transportation
Arkansas   Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
California   California Department of Motor Vehicles
Colorado   Colorado Department of Revenue
Connecticut   Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Delaware   Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles
D.C., Washington   Washington, D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles
Florida   Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Georgia   Georgia Department of Driver Services
Hawaii   Hawaii does not handle DMV issues at the State level, but at the City and County level
Idaho   Idaho Transportation Department
Illinois   Illinois Secretary of State
Indiana   Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Iowa   Iowa Department of Transportation
Kansas   Kansas Department of Revenue
Kentucky   Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Louisiana   Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections
Maine   Maine Department of Secretary of State
Maryland   Maryland Department of Transportation
Massachusetts   Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Michigan   Michigan Secretary of State
Minnesota   Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Mississippi   Mississippi Department of Revenue
Missouri   Missouri Department of Revenue
Montana   Montana Department of Justice
Nebraska   Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Nevada   Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
New Hampshire   New Hampshire Department of Safety
New Jersey   New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
New Mexico   New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division
New York   New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
North Carolina   North Carolina Department of Transportation
North Dakota   North Dakota Department of Transportation
Ohio   Ohio Department of Public Safety
Oklahoma   Oklahoma Tax Commission
Oregon   Oregon Department of Transportation
Pennsylvania   Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Rhode Island   Rhode Island Department of Revenue
South Carolina   South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
South Dakota   South Dakota Department of Revenue
Tennessee   Tennessee Department of Revenue
Texas   Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Utah   Utah Tax Commission
Vermont   Vermont Agency of Transportation
Virginia   Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington (State)   Washington (State) Department of Licensing
West Virginia   West Virginia Department of Transportation
Wisconsin   Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Wyoming   Wyoming Department of Transportation


Note: Peerless Legal makes every attempt to be accurate, but check with you State for accuracy. This table is provided only as a starting point; a guide. Peerless Legal is not responsible for third party content.
Updated: August 10, 2013.