House Sitting Instructions

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Keeping a house sitter can help deter crime while the homeowner is away. Giving the house sitter clear instructions can help make the experience better for everyone. This House Sitting Instructions allows easy and quick access to common phone numbers, what to do in an emergency, and details of duties the house sitter is to perform.

Price: $14.95

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House Sitting Instructions

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House Sitting Instructions


This eForm provides house sitter with easy access to:

    • common phone numbers
    • instructions of duties of the house sitter
    • pet care
    • location of extra keys and security system code(s)
    • what to do in an emergency (with signature authorization on what to do in an immediate emergency)
    • location of emergency equipment
    • and more

Valid in all 50 States and Washington, D.C.

House Sitting Instructions provide the house sitter with quick access to common information the house sitter will need. Common information such as: emergency phone numbers, the nearest hospital, pet care facility, or veterinarian. The house sitter instructions also provide the house sitter with an single list of duties the house sitter is to perform e.g., caring for pets, taking out the trash, cutting the grass, and watering the garden. A house sitting agreement will likely contain all of the information that is in a house sitting instructions, but is not always easily accessible or easy to find the information. In an emergency, providing a set of house sitting instructions can make the difference in protecting persons, pets, and/or property.

In this packet is an Executive Summary which details background information on the House Sitting Instructions. The Checklist provides a way to check what needs to be completed in completing the Sample form. The Walkthrough Instructions provides extensive details as to all of the parts of the Sample form. The Sample form is fully customizable and fillable. Any questions regarding a space or clause of the Sample form may be answered in the Walkthrough Instructions. The packet comes in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text formats.

Below are common questions, with some answers.

What is house sitting?

House sitting is defined by one or more persons (house sitter) entrusted to live and stay at the home of a homeowner for a period of time for the benefit of the homeowner. More simply, house sitting is someone looking after a house while the homeowner is away. House sitter is, generally, paid to be there and not charged for the room and board. House sitting is a common practice in the United States.

What are house sitting instructions? Do I really need it?

House sitting instructions are a set of instructions provided to the house sitter and kept in an easy to access location. The instructions provide details as to the duties of the house sitter, emergency contact information, and provide permissions in case of extreme emergencies to prevent damage or loss of persons, pets, and/or property. House sitting instructions help the house sitter find their duties to perform more easily than having to read through a detailed house sitting agreement. In an emergency, this may make all the difference.

Whether you really need house sitting instructions will depend on your needs and level of comfort. Legally, they are not required, but can serve as some evidence of an agreement between parties as well as some evidence as to the duties of the house sitter.

Providing a set of house sitting instructions can help to greatly reduce confusion by providing quick-access in the case of an emergency, which, in turn, could prevent damage to persons, pets, and/or property in the event of an emergency. Having house sitting instructions can also help lay-out the duties of the house sitter. The more clarity the homeowner can provide, the less likely the house sitter can claim they did not know or were not told to perform certain duties.

What's the benefit of using house sitting instructions?

The benefit of using house sitting instructions is that they make the duties of the house sitter more easily understandable and accessible for the house sitter. One of the benefits of keeping a house sitter is that they are believed to help in deterring crime while the homeowner is away from the house. The house sitter generally stays rent-free, paid for their time, and the house sitter performs certain tasks to keep the house in working order. Keeping the house sitter informed about the duties of the house sitter can make the role of the house sitter more complete.

Providing quick and easy to understand instructions means that the house sitter is more likely to complete the duties assigned.Another benefit to the house sitting instructions is a reduction in confusion by providing quick-access in the case of an emergency, which, in turn, could prevent damage to persons, pets, and/or property in the event of an emergency.

Is this House Sitting Instructions a legal document? Is it legal?

For the most part, this House Sitting Instructions is not a legal document; however, it can be used as some evidence of the existence of a contract existing between parties. Simply, the House Sitting Instructions is not a contract or other legal document on its own.

Permissions in this House Sitting Instructions may be legally binding if signed by the homeowner and relied on by the house sitter. The permissions may be rejected or omitted as they are not required.

Why use this House Sitting Instructions?

This packet includes a Sample House Sitting Instructions which is meant to be given to the house sitter(s) to inform the house sitter about how to contact the homeowners, emergency contact information, the duties to be performed while house sitting, and other related information. The House Sitting Instructions can be put in an easy accessible location, such as on the fridge or near the telephone. This House Sitting Instructions makes the job of the homeowner easier by providing common information and other information that you may not have thought of or realize might be important in an emergency.

Avoid writing your own forms from scratch or using old free forms that can be incomplete and written by non-attorneys. Express your rights. Gain peace of mind without spending a fortune.

Table of Contents:

1. Executive Summary

2. Checklist

3. Walkthrough Instructions

4. Sample Form

The Walkthrough Instructions and Sample Form include the following Sections:

    • Introduction
    • How to Contact Us
    • Emergency Information
    • House Sitter Duties While House Sitting
    • Permissions (with signatures)

Total number of pages in this packet: 11.

Formats include Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text. No physical copy is included. Copies can be edited and printed.

Purchasers of this material are granted a license to use the contents for their own use. By purchasing this material, you will be purchasing a limited license to use all forms for your own use. The license is not transferable to third parties. The license limits you to personal use only and all other copyright laws must be adhered to, but no claim is made to any government forms that maybe reproduced herein.

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